Our Story

Our Vision

There is a widening gap between the growing geriatric population afflicted with cognitive, communication, or swallowing disorders (CCSDs) and the tools and resources needed to aid in the rehabilitation and maintenance of their respective ailments.  Our vision is to provide an intuitive, affordable, and dynamic technology resource that can help bridge this gap and provide the level of care patients deserve.  We also aim to provide additional online resources to equip you with as many tools as possible to lead a happy, healthy, and independent life.


Our Story

As an SLP working in the adult neurological population, our founder, Madison, experienced several frustrations related to her work.  The therapy activities, many of which were handcrafted during late nights throughout her career, were cumbersome and oudated.  Each set of matching cards or communication activities would lay scattered across her cluttered sedan, which had slowly morphed into a mobile office of sorts.  Perhaps more heartbreaking than frustrating, she would cultivate meaningful relationships with her patients in the short time they had together, which made it all the more difficult to hear when patients had been readmitted to the hospital, regressed in their therapy progress after they had been discharged from her care, or worse.

The problem is one of the glaring inefficiencies in the healthcare spectrum.  It is estimated that over 65 million Americans are living with a CCSD disorder.  Only 33 percent receive the care they desperately need, and of those who do, roughly 20 percent are readmitted to the hospital within 30 days of discharge from the care of their SLP clinician.  There simply are not enough tools and resources to serve this vast, and oftentimes forgotten, population segment.  After an arduous search of something that could help these clinicians, patients, and their primary caregivers, Madison realized there simply wasn’t a solution currently available and promptly decided that she would be the one to build one.  From this revelation, Cortex was born, and we are proud to say we look forward to making it available to those who need it most in the very near future.


Join us! We are in development.