Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Who is Cortex for?

The Cortex app has two interfaces -- one for the speech-language pathologists (the therapist) and one for the patient who has any type of communication, cognition, or swallowing disorder (such as a stroke, traumatic brain injury, or dementia).

Where can I purchase Cortex?

Cortex isn't currently available to the public.  It is in the development and trial phase.

When will Cortex become available for purchase?

We hope to get Cortex to you as soon as possible! Stay tuned, join our contact list, or follow us on social media to track our progress.

How much will Cortex cost?

We're confident that the price of Cortex will be competitive compared to other similar solutions currently on the market.  One-year subscriptions for less than the price of a single therapy session with an SLP.

How can I partner with Cortex?

We welcome every opportunity to engage in a dialogue about how you might partner with us.  After all, we're in this together! If you're interested in supporting this venture, please visit our contact page so we can get in touch.

Where can I find more resources about speech-language pathology therapy?

Our goal is to continue providing valuable resources of all kinds to help equip individuals with CCSDs and their caregivers with the tools they need.  Visit our blog for more information, and remember to bookmark it in your web browser, as we are constantly updating it!