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This is Cortex

A simple solution to a complex problem.  There for you every step of the way.



With an interface for your speech-language pathologist (SLP), Cortex can be tailored to your specific diagnostic needs for effective therapy practice during each rehabilitative session.



Your SLP provides therapy actvities pushed directly to your device.  Now your rehabilitative journey may finally become a daily reality. The research shows, frequency is key!5



After discharge, Cortex allows you to continue maintaining your progress with the personalized therapy regimine your SLP designed for you.

Amazing Features

Just for you.

Comprehensive Therapy

Stop using multiple apps to cover all of your therapy needs.  With Cortex, communication, cognition, and swallowing are finally under one roof for both SLPs and their patients.


Static content is a thing of the past.  Cortex seamlessly integrates your media directly into your therapy activities, making it fun, relevant, and effective!6

Dynamic Cueing

During therapy, clinicians modify activity difficulty based on how you’re doing in the moment.  Our algorithms mimic this process, facilitating stimulation even without your SLP.7

Advanced Reporting

These days, data is king.  Cortex delivers robust and intuitive reporting so that your SLP and caregiver can stay up to speed on any progress or decline.


Don’t take our word for it – here’s what people are saying about Cortex.


“Cortex is addressing a need to help patients and their caregivers close that gap…it is a tool that will help patients get the most out of their time outside of therapy and it will help speech-language pathologists encourage, enhance, and supplement their time.”

Stacy Nunnelee

Professor, Speech-Language Pathologist

“Cortex will be an excellent tool…people that have dementia can keep exercising their brain on a daily basis.  It’s taking home health to a whole new level where the clinician doesn’t have to be there in person.  It will help an extremely large amount of people who have dementia.”

Pam Whitehead


“This will be an incredibly valuable service.  I could see us using this all the time — it will give us much needed access to our therapy activities even when our therapist isn’t here.  Having a tool that you can continue using even after discharge would be wonderful!”

John Mayhan


Join us! We are in development.